A New Christmas Story

Imagine who might have been at Bethlehem the night Jesus was born – people beyond the stories in Matthew and Luke. Each story re-imagines the Christmas story from the perspective of their own lives. You can find all four stories here. (By Jimmy Reader  © 2021) I REMEMBER             I remember. I’ve never felt soContinue reading “A New Christmas Story”

Creating Community

My heart’s desire is for community which is committed to love, freedom, healing, justice, and life. As a Christian, I believe these five aspects of community are the same as “salvation” in the Hebrew and Christian scriptures. I also believe that all faith traditions honor these essential realities of community – indeed that people whoContinue reading “Creating Community”

Compassion and Homosexuality

In 2004 I wrote Moral Values: What I Learned Growing Up in Church. I might edit the language some. For instance, I wouldn’t today use what now feels like an outdated and inappropriate term such as “homosexuality.” On pp. 82-87, you will find the following section I wrote: God’s call to compassion moves me inContinue reading “Compassion and Homosexuality”

Only one thing is most important

The question of my heart and mind has alwaysbeen: “What did Jesus say was most important?” Thatquestion guides my interpretation of scripture. And in myreading of church history and doctrine, that has been thecentral question – if not always the only question – of thechurch. As Christians we take the name of Christ, of Jesus,sayingContinue reading “Only one thing is most important”