Christian Nationalism dominates the news. I oppose it because I don’t want to live in a world this authoritarian movement wants. I imagine a compassionate world, with love and healing justice for all – and the worldview of the movement opposes that. My posts will continue to address this global concern – as will the courses and resources in a new learning community called Imagine.

I write about moral and spiritual concerns – with political implications. Justice and Compassion are major themes, which are beyond partisan politics but which cannot be acted upon without making a difference in how our society and nation organize themselves. 

As an American Baptist minister, Rev. Reader has also served as interim pastor of four Presbyterian churches and has consulted with over 20 churches, many of them United Methodist congregations. He earned Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry (M.Div., D.Min.) degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary, doing his doctoral thesis work in the area of change and conflict.

Dr. Reader (who prefers to be called Jimmy) has published three books, including Moral Values (2004). Jimmy retired as the senior minister of the United Church of Pittsford (New York) in 2021, after 51 years of active, ordained ministry.

Jimmy is married to Rev. Joy Bergfalk (also an American Baptist minister and former pastor at East Rochester and York Baptist churches). She currently serves as executive director of the Coffee Connection, a nonprofit business working with women in recovery.

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