In this world

Jesus said the kingdom was not of this world, and the Church decided he meant it was other-worldly, that salvation was about a life beyond this world.

Jesus’ words, however, focused on this world. The kingdom of God (by whatever name we call it) has its origin in God, not in this world, but it is very much about life in this world. Jesus taught us how to live – to be fully alive – in this world.

Biblical words and images of “salvation” are about this world – freedom, healing, justice, compassion, and life. Wherever we experience these things, we experience salvation. Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy will be done on earth.” How do we live here and now, in this place, in this day? That is the question of salvation.

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Can you imagine a world of compassion and justice? How do we replace fear with hope for a better world? What can we do every day to build such a world? ... These questions are at the heart of what I write about. Follow my blog. Join Imagine - a learning community working for a better world. Let's do it together.

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