Basic Moral Values

The moral values I hold and the choices I make still come out of the core of
what I learned as a child growing up in church and in a Christian home.

I learned early in life simple lessons like these:
• Be kind to others.
• Be patient.
• Respect everyone.
• Forgive people who hurt you.
• Stand up to bullies without fighting.
• Be honest without hurting people.
• Let other people be who they are.
• Be faithful to your friends.
• Love God and other people.

These simple values form the concrete foundation
for the life God calls me to live out in the church, as well
as in the world. I am convinced that God calls the whole
church to live by them as well. As I experience the church
today, I see a large crack in the foundation.

Read my book Moral Values by clicking here.

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