Reframing social justice in the days of COVID-19

This is an important article.Some of what it says:

A day will come when this pandemic subsides. But will the world return to the way it was before this virus dramatically shifted its course? And more importantly, should it? Loving others is the work that God has called us to do. And if we love others, we will want justice for everyone, regardless of our differences. Social justice is one of the hallmarks of God’s word spoken from the heart of the biblical prophet Amos to “Let justice roll down like water and righteousness as an ever-flowing stream.”

As infections and deaths continue, a significant amount of the U.S. population will experience long-term effects on their physical health, mental health and finances. Families, friends and colleagues will have the stress and inconvenience of isolation. The millions who have lost their jobs will struggle to survive. With the stress and demands of being sick, caring for the sick, worrying about getting sick or trying to find food and pay bills, the mental health of many has already been negatively affected.

The church has a critical role to play in abating the appalling level of human suffering, especially in communities that are underserved. We should be like the good Samaritan, who, despite not knowing the person in need, gave so much to bring about the healing of his neighbor. Given churches’ proximity to and familiarity with the communities they serve, and the access they have to resources either directly or through networks, they are in a unique position to help where needed.

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