Question for each day

One question we might ask each day – perhaps especially during this pandemic – is: “How can I show love for one person today?” Jesus clearly teaches us that to love God and to love others (as ourselves) is the one most important thing in life. To live in love is to follow Jesus.

During these long weeks of being mostly confined to our homes, loneliness and depression and a creeping self-centeredness can invade our lives. The best way to guard against it or to change it is to live for someone else. To love ourselves and look for someone to show our love in some tangible way.

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Can you imagine a world of compassion and justice? How do we replace fear with hope for a better world? What can we do every day to build such a world? ... These questions are at the heart of what I write about. Follow my blog. Join Imagine - a learning community working for a better world. Let's do it together.

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