What the world needs now

The 1965 hit song, “What the world needs now is love,” was not just a pop cultural phenomenon. The title says what Jesus said – indeed, what all the world’s religions say. At the heart of every religion, we find compassion taught as a core value. The Hebrew scriptures say to love God with your whole being and to love your neighbor as yourself. And when Jesus was asked what the greatest commandment was, he went back to them. Love God with all your being and love your neighbor as yourself – that’s the whole Law in summary.

Doctrine – believing as giving assent to certain truths – was never what God had in mind. To love with all our heart is what God has in mind. That is what the world needs now.

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Can you imagine a world of compassion and justice? How do we replace fear with hope for a better world? What can we do every day to build such a world? ... These questions are at the heart of what I write about. Follow my blog. Join Imagine - a learning community working for a better world. Let's do it together.

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