Just Us = Justice

I think a lot about justice these days. Growing inequality, ripping children from immigrant parents’ arms, abuse of women by men, rampant authoritarianism in the U.S. and around the world – all of this and so much more! Where is justice?

One way to think about justice is “Just Us.” There is no “them.” It’s all “us” together in this world. Whether we’re thinking about the environment (melting ice caps), or the economy (growing poverty), or unapologetic racism and white supremacism, or anything else, justice is possible only when we accept that it’s all “us” living together in one world – the world God has created.

God loves the world. Christians love to say that. Yet Christians have often lived as if we are separate from the world, standing against the world, even hating the world. If we love the world – that is, we love all whom God loves – will we not seek justice for all? Will we exclude anyone from our love and concern? Will we turn our backs on anyone as if they do not matter?

I’m not sure exactly what I can do to help bring about justice for all, but I will do what I can each day. Will you?

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Can you imagine a world of compassion and justice? How do we replace fear with hope for a better world? What can we do every day to build such a world? ... These questions are at the heart of what I write about. Follow my blog. Join Imagine - a learning community working for a better world. Let's do it together.

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