What is God doing in this world?

What is God doing in this world? What is God’s mission? What does God’s kingdom “look like” today? How can God’s work be done other than through traditional church institutions. The 20th century church model was never sustainable. And other models over the centuries have not been, either. In the beginning, the movement spread through people who provided for themselves mostly, and collections were for the poor. Perhaps the not-for-profit business model (social entrepreneurship) will work for more and more people to sustain the work of people doing what God wants to do in this world.

I’ve come to understand the work of many nonprofit organizations as “kingdom work” – the work of God’s kingdom, the work of the church. Freedom, healing, compassion, grace, justice, forgiveness, empowerment – this and much more is God’s work in this world, the work we are called to do as we follow Jesus. It is the work of salvation and of life from God.

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